Past and Upcoming Online Appearances

I’ve been on a number of podcasts over the years, not all of which are still online. Here is but a sample of these appearances, hitting some of the highlights of the different topics I’ve touched on.

Daimonosophy 2.0

My good friend Paul Fredric has hosted me on his podcast Daimonosophy 2.0: Fighting for Liberty and the Left-Hand Parth multiple times. Paul covers a WIDE range of subjects, with speakers from all corners of the magical and esoteric world.

  • Video interview focusing on Infernal Geometry and the Left-Hand Path shortly after its release
  • Recording of a talk I gave at the 2018 Internal Conclave of the Temple of Set in the Czech Republic, explaining the semiotic theory of magic and how it enhances the Setian black magical theory of the universe
  • Interview focusing on my work as Grandmaster of the Order of the Trapezoid
  • Recording of a talk I gave at the 2017 International Conclave of the Temple of Set in Hawaii, using the history and resolution of 108 years of futility by the Chicago Cubs to explore how to reframe the narrative to overcome unproductive patterns in initiation

Church of Mabus

I’ve appeared twice on the Church of Mabus radio show, with the most recent once captured at www.churchofmabusradio.com/2019/06/12/toby-chappell-infernal-geometry-and-the-left-hand-path-the-magical-system-of-the-nine-angles/ shortly after the release of my book

KHPR: The Voice of Darkness

KHPR was the “in house” podcast of the Temple of Set. My second appearance, shortly after my appointment as the seventh Grandmaster of the Order of the Trapezoid, resulted in this interview

EscapePod/ Pseudopod

My music has been used twice on podcasts in the Pseudopod family, a group of podcasts that focus on short fiction in various genres.