Musical Consolidation

18 September 2011

I have made the tentative decision to retire the Saturnin Sektor moniker and fold that project into Misdreamt as the catchall for my musical explorations.

In the past, I had always wanted to have a project name per style, to make it easier to promote and also because there was enough variation between projects that having too many disparate styles in one place would be too jarring (or at least unnecessarily difficult to weave in effectively).

Much of the electronic/noise material in Misdreamt was repurposed directly or indirectly from Saturnin Sektor material, and having extended sections (or even entire pieces) of electro-acoustic or ambient sound would fit right in with the aesthetic of Misdreamt.

So, for now Saturnin Sektor as a separate entity will be on hold, while I merge the ideas and experimentation from there into Misdreamt.