What To Leave When Tearing Everything Down

18 October 2011

This is a new experiment for me: I’ve blogged before, rather sporadically, about my various musical exploits ( http://motiondemon.blogspot.com ), but have always done it in fits and starts (usually around the time a show or CD come out, when I expect to have some new visitors).

Now, I’m going to give an honest effort at blogging about something still relatively new to me: the project of shedding lots of excess stuff I’ve accumulated over the years and certainly don’t need now (and probably never did).

I am specifically indebted to the http://guynameddave.com/100-thing-challenge/, but I’m not shooting for a specific number of things, just trimming what is now unnecessary. Oddly enough, my interest in Getting Things Done as a time and personal activity management system plays into this as well. GTD is among other things devoted to trimming the unessential from one’s work and personal processes, and focused on capturing the next necessary actions for every goal after that goal has been defined. I expect this blog to be a blend of the two, and my experiences putting them both into practice.