A Long Absence

06 March 2013

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted… and during that time I’ve spent a lot of time struggling to maintain the simpler, less cluttered life I had finally attained.

I have discovered that maintaining an existence with fewer attachments, possessions, and commitments is a different beast from acquiring one.

There are a couple of reasons I’ve been thinking about this more lately.

  1. I’m preparing to move again, not just within Atlanta but actually for the first time in 20 years moving out of Atlanta and its ever-increasing metro area.

  2. I felt like I had run out of things to teach about simplifying life, because my experience had been more focused on the slimming down instead of the maintaining. After a year of so of trial and error since I was last trying to declutter my physical and metaphysical selves, I’m getting back on track and beginning to make sense of the different challenges.

So, as it did the first time, my pursuit will begin with a deep assessment of the things I have, the obligations I’ve taken on, and ways that I can get by with less. Then comes the trickier part of keeping it all as simple as I can make it… to that end, my intention is to begin blogging a short entry at least once a week reflecting on some way that I kept my life, workspace, and home uncomplicated when it easily could have become moreso. Taking that constant, even if only brief, inventory and reflection will do lots of good for firming up in my practices and thoughts a way to maintain this as a long-term lifestyle.