Eyes of Ligeia Remanifests

07 December 2013

After a 6+ year hiatus, I’ve began making new music that I intend to release as Eyes of Ligeia, continuing somewhat in the atmospheric doom (with touches of black metal) style of 2004’s What the Moon Brings. (Excellent reviews of that CD can be read at http://doom-metal.com/reviews.php?album=623 and http://www.metal-archives.com/reviews/Eyes_of_Ligeia/What_the_Moon_Brings/44661/). To this style I am adding some of the electro-acoustic ambience from my Misdreamt project which has been where most of my musical output has come from the last 2-3 years (more at http://misdreamt.bandcamp.com).

Why now? The first Misdreamt CD was very much in the EoL style but with all the metal elements stripped out. The second CD went much further into experimental dark ambient territory. When I started working on material for the third Misdreamt CD the songs were becoming much more in the style of What the Moon Brings, and it felt like it was now time to embrace that style more fully and pick up where Eyes of Ligeia left off. I came to have more to say musically and lyrically that only fit with the Eyes of Ligeia concept.

As part of relaunching EoL, What the Moon Brings has been re-released (digital only for now) on Bandcamp (at http://eyesofligeia.bandcamp.com)

I am currently working on a new EoL demo, which will be shopped around to appropriate labels (or self-released through Bandcamp if that doesn’t work out, but given the past level of name recognition I am hopeful that a suitable label can be found).