The Polarian Method

09 September 2019

The Polarian Method — as codified by Dr. Stephen Edred Flowers — is a primary tool for the recreation of traditional systems. (See his essay “How to Be a Heathen” for an example of the type of work from which this Method arose.)

It’s also a sound scholarly principle for the acquisition of any new realm of knowledge. The twin poles referred to by the Polarian Method are that of objective study and subjective internalization, which when synthesized form true Understanding. This involves starting with the most accurate, scholarly material as possible — the real information, not someone else’s subjective interpretation. This is necessary for approaching the subject matter first on its own terms. Then, once that information has been sufficiently absorbed, subjective understanding is developed to make it your own. It has been made a part of you by way of accurate information and legitimate study, not the other way around which only allows your subjective biases to intrude upon your understanding before it has developed.